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Forging a new partnership with international provider, AT&T

Revolve Communications recently supported a client with their international growth in the United States by developing a new partnership with a major US network provider, AT&T.

We have forged a new relationship with an international partner in the USA to support their client with their business growth. After research and discussions with various providers in the USA, we have achieved an agreement with AT&T. 

AT&T is the world’s largest telecommunications company and largest provider of mobile network services in the USA, and this agreement allows us to provide our customers with the connectivity they need while maintaining a consistent and high-level account management service.

The new deal was reached after discussions with their existing customer, who has 2 offices based in the UK, and have recently expanded internationally in Europe and the USA. Supporting their expansion and growth was seen as part of our journey, and seamless account management experience across our customer's international locations was their new objective.

Due to the demands of working remotely and internationally, there was also a need to consider the high volume of international calls being made across the client’s business. We supported the client to mitigate costs in this area by understanding their requirements, creating an adapted solution to fit their needs., and aligning contracts to ensure maximum purchasing power at the negotiation stage.

The team are very proud to be able to deliver their services in partnership with AT&T, and this is something they hope to develop further in the future to support clients in their growth. Their new system allows vital connection to cloud-based systems wherever they are.

“We are delighted with this new partnership opportunity, and it’s been a great experience working on behalf of the customer to secure the highest level of international support. I hope this partnership means we can support other customers with their plans for international growth in the future – no matter where they are in the world. It’s a great step in the right direction so that we can ensure better connectivity for the businesses we support. We are also in final discussions with a mobile network in Central Europe too – this will maximise the support we can give users no matter where they are.”

Dan Cargill, Managing Director, Revolve Communications