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Case Study

Adapting mobile technology management for The Gym Group

In the fast-paced and dynamic world of fitness, maintaining seamless business operations is crucial for success. The Gym Group, one of the largest low-cost gym operators with over 235 sites, faced challenges in managing their extensive mobile technology infrastructure. Matthew Stratton, the IT Service Delivery Manager at The Gym Group, recognized the importance of mobile technology in the day-to-day operations of the business, especially with the responsibility placed on general managers to oversee various aspects. We sat down with Matthew to discuss those challenges, and how Revolve Communications helped them reduce costs and manage their fleet.



Before engaging with Revolve, The Gym Group encountered challenges in the management of their mobile technology, particularly in the areas of billing, EE contracts, and overall expertise in the mobile world. According to Matthew, "We didn't really have any expertise in the mobile world, especially in terms of billing and the EE contracts." The lack of specialized knowledge in this domain presented obstacles to obtaining the best cost effective deals, hindering the company's financial efficiency, and potentially impacting their ability to stay connected with their extensive network of gyms.


The Gym Group's introduction to Revolve Communications, an independent mobile network partner, marked a turning point. According to Matthew, "I think The Gym Group started working with Revolve Communications 10 years ago or just a bit more than that. At the time, someone knew someone that had used you before." The collaborative process initiated with simple conversations evolved into more formal meetings, highlighting Revolve's commitment to understanding the unique needs and business goals of their client. Revolve has consistently used their expert analysis every renewal on data management to help better understand where to reduce costs. Mathew Stratton commented, “It has been crucial.”


The implementation of Revolve's services brought about significant positive outcomes for The Gym Group. Financially, the company experienced substantial savings year on year, contributing to the overall sustainability of their business structure. Matthew emphasized, "Financially, [Revolve's service] helped us massively. I think we've had savings year on year in terms of our bills and in terms of the business structure."

Revolve's impact extended beyond mere cost-effectiveness, providing crucial support in managing the mobile estate spread across 230 sites nationwide. Matthew highlighted, "So, the biggest outcome was trying to get the best deal for the best price initially, and that's now slowly evolved on to leaning on more of your expertise around the actual mobile devices and the MDM (Mobile Device Management) side."

The tailored contract, including a novel support structure, showcased Revolve's adaptability to meet the evolving needs of their clients.


Matthew Stratton's positive experience with Revolve led him to enthusiastically recommend the service to other companies. He highlighted, "I highly recommend Revolve in general. I think the biggest key factor is customer service. I think having that contact readily available as soon as you need it. The financial savings and benefits that they provide are just a bonus on top." The partnership was described as "very friendly," emphasizing the collaborative nature of the relationship.