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Case Study

A customer service transformation for Scottish law firm, Gilson Gray

Gilson Gray saved time and hassle by turning to Revolve Communications to analyse their data usage and costs before switching to a tailor-made contract with a more responsive service that better met their business needs – and resulted in a cost saving of over 42%.

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Gilson Gray is a full-service law firm providing all facets of legal services to businesses and the general public. Since first established in 2015, the business has expanded rapidly into the Scottish marketplace with five offices across the country. The firm is now gaining traction in England, thanks to a recent expansion in Lincoln.

Mobile communications are critical to the success of this expanding business. They rely daily on mobile data services to use Office 365, Zoom, Teams, and their dictation service as staff communicate with each other and their growing number of clients while managing multiple caseloads, some of which are highly complex and time-sensitive.


Gilson Gray approached us in 2022 with the aim of discovering where they could make cost savings on their mobile communications. As their business has grown, so have their mobile data costs and demands for responsive and reliable service. And, going into a challenging financial period for all businesses across the UK, it was vital that they reduce their costs where they could.

The business was looking for a supplier they could trust, who would get the best possible deal with the networks for them and maintain that deal over time in line with their needs and changes in the market.

Having been let down in the past by previous suppliers, customer service and trustworthiness also became key factors in why they approached Revolve Communications.


After initial meetings and discussions with the team from Gilson Gray, we developed a clear picture of their current situation. It became evident that they needed to understand more about their current usage and costs. We also worked to establish their exact needs and business goals before suggesting a solution.

We've got a strategy of growth and expansion, and they very much took that on board with the options that they presented. They're focused on their client. The focus is on what the client needs. I don't feel that they are driven by sales targets, it's not about their profit, it's about what you need as a business.

Kevin Moran, Director of IT, Gilson Gray

Our mobile Network Contract Support service enabled us to perform an in-depth analysis of their current usage using our cutting-edge analytics technology. Here’s what we discovered.

Due to Gilson Gray’s growth, the account was no longer meeting the needs of the business. We managed to successfully transition the account to a specific tariff which works for Gilson Gray LLP all while achieving significant contract term savings.

And thanks to our partnerships with the UK’s leading networks, we were able to come back to Kevin Moran, Director of Information Technology at Gilson Gray, with a competitive and easy-to-understand proposal that reduced their mobile communication costs while increasing their level of customer service and support.


We were able to save Gilson Gray significant cost savings, a predicted 42% in total savings on their existing mobile phone contracts over the course of the first year.

We also helped the team build upon their existing capabilities, helping them to serve their clients better, thanks to our more reliable and faster service.

There was a dramatic improvement over the offering that we had previously… the presentation of the contract offerings and the options that were there, the scoring, the understanding of our business needs and then how they achieve that scoring metric and what went into that all help in terms of making the right decision and getting the correct contract in place for our business needs. Anything that helps our service and our clients also helps our business goals.

Kevin Moran, Director of IT, Gilson Gray

The team praised us for our responsiveness when called upon to answer queries or make adjustments to their service as we began to work closely together in the early stages of the relationship:

I think the positive thing is just the ability to be able to pick up the phone and speak directly to somebody, and for that person to then translate that into action and take on board and deliver. It's the trust and the responsiveness of Revolve. It's the client focus, that's the driver, and that's the difference between themselves and others.

Kevin Moran, Director of IT, Gilson Gray

Our successful relationship with Gilson Gray is an example of a satisfied and valued customer who can look forward to reliable and responsive customer service from Revolve. Due to their great experience, Gilson Gray are now in discussions with us around Mobile Device Management, and are keen to expand their relationship with Revolve Communications.