Case Study for Caltech Lifts

Case Study

Elevating Caltech Lift’s business communications

Securing 17 lines and providing ongoing account management for the duration of the contract.


Caltech Lifts is one of Scotland's leading independent lift companies specialising in the supply, installation and maintenance of passenger lifts, disabled access and public access lifts, goods lifts and stairlifts. Established in 1978, they are family-owned business that has over 35 years’ experience in the lift industry. Their team of engineers are all fully qualified in lift engineering and are based across Scotland to provide a fast and efficient call-out response.


Finding a business mobile supplier that fit their needs had presented a challenge in the past for Managing Director Fraser Renwick. Revolve Communications got involved at the discovery and planning stage and wanted to understand the problems Caltech Lifts had faced with their last supplier. One major challenge was a lack of communication and rolling tariffs which had led to rising costs.

"Our previous mobile contract was with a company based in Ireland and we only ever received the occasional phone call or email, so not much personalised support at all. Our old phone contract was not the best, we’d had it for a very long time, and it was a rolling contract. The phones were not getting upgraded, so were not really fit for our purpose."

Fraser Renwick, Managing Director, Caltech Lifts


Revolve Communications first conducted a review of their current situation and usage patterns with a focus on data, quality handsets and reliable signals for their offices and onsite engineers. They used real usage data to reveal the savings that could be made.

"We started off by getting our records from the previous company and Revolve Communications then analysed it and put together an exact package that would match our current usage needs. This involved everything from checking how many minutes we used, how many texts and how much data was needed. Data was a really big thing for us - accessing our servers online and downloading drawings on site is quite data-heavy. The team were able to tailor-make our contract to exactly what we required."

Fraser Renwick, Managing Director, Caltech Lifts

Revolve Communications secured 17 lines for Caltech Lifts as well as provided ongoing account management for the duration of the contract. Their mobiles are used across all levels of their business by management as well as engineers out on site. It was particularly important for the team to have a reliable data connection due to the nature of their work - this was built into their package.

"Our team use their phones for specific job management software so they are constantly in use. They also need to use their phones to access technical drawings and important documents so the data connection and reception needs to be consistently high quality."

Fraser Renwick, Managing Director, Caltech Lifts


Fraser felt Revolve Communications had helped them secure the data bundles and handsets they needed for their onsite engineers to do their job effectively. There was also a high level of personalised customer care, which contributed to the continuing success of their solution.

"We have a very good ongoing relationship with the team. We had a recent new start so I emailed Dan and asked if he could get me a new SIM card, and he actually came along to our office the same day and dropped it off – with anyone else it would have been lots of waiting around and back-and-forth over email. They often go above and beyond with their support. I would 100% recommend Revolve Communications purely because of the savings they helped us make, along with the fantastic level of support we get from their team. They go above and beyond when it come to that personal touch and you do feel valued as a customer, you are not just another number to them. You can tell they really value their customers."

Fraser Renwick, Managing Director, Caltech Lifts