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Case Study


Awaze is the largest managed vacation rentals and holiday resorts business in Europe. Operating across multiple European countries, it offers diverse holiday accommodations such as cottages, villas, apartments, and holiday parks, managing thousands of properties to cater to various vacation preferences and budgets.



"The service we receive from Revolve is always professional and efficient. Communication lines are always open and clear, and any issues are always quickly resolved. Overall, we feel the service and support provided is always excellent.

It’s clear that Revolve are customer focused and the service provided shows this. There is a more proactive approach in how we can get more value for money rather than overselling products. Often, we’re guided on extra costs we may not have noticed without Revolve’s help.

We have been a customer for a number of years, and we would 100% recommend to other organizations. The friendly, customer focused, and personal approach is one you will unlikely get from many other companies. When we need assistance, we know we’ll get it quickly."

- IT End User Support Manager