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Integrity - what it means for the Revolve team

Integrity requires to us to be upfront and truthful about our service. That's why it's one of our chosen values; it's something we uphold.

"We offer an unparalleled service that’s honest and transparent."

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Mobile communications is notorious for a lack of transparency. At Revolve we do what we can to remove that, ensuring the suggestions we make are only in the interests of our customers, and not our own.

Dan Cargill, Managing Director

We communicate, without using industry jargon, to explain and share information even if it is not the desired outcome. We do what most other will not; we become part of your team.

Titus Chang, Senior Account Manager

At Revolve Communications we pride ourselves on the transparency of our service. We have a proactive approach to client engagement and from the outset provide ongoing account analysis which we present to our customers. Any solutions that Revolve recommends to our clients are accompanied by the rationale behind them. This leaves the client free to make the final decision with a clear mind and full understanding.

Luke Laneres, Account Manager

It’s not about us. In order for us to produce the results we strive for, means being honest with our clients on what they actually need, without the needless jargon.

Lauren McGurk, Customer Support Executive

We’re straight talkers. Our key value of great customer services filters through every aspect of our customers experience with us. We’ll never smokescreen with ambiguous language or unnecessarily complex process’. We always give our customers the most up to date information in a digestible format that enable them to make informed decision

Lucy Cargill, Finance Assistant

To offer a meaningful experience that revolves around you, means that for us, we are open about the options available, detailing what you actually need. This is the most important part of building trust.

Alexandros Tucker, Marketing Assistant

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