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Care - what it means for the Revolve team

Hear from the Revolve team on why Care is such an critical value to have, and why it's our most important value.

"We care about our customers and colleagues first and foremost."

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I hope it’s clear we care about our customers, and the feedback we receive suggests our customers believe this to be the case. What’s just as important to me is that our own business culture is a caring one, where the whole team feel supported and can voice their opinions – this only benefits the business and the decisions we make.

Dan Cargill, Managing Director

We value our customers and the relationships that we have grown over time. We treat our customers the same way we wish to be treated ourselves.

Titus Chang, Senior Account Maanager

Mobile technology is a great tool that helps to keep people and businesses connected. However, as prominent as the technology is in enabling such interactions, it should always be the people on either side who are at the heart of it. This is why Revolve Communications priorities building caring, understanding relationships. This starts in house with our relationships as colleagues and extends to our clients and wider network.

Luke Laneres, Account Manager

To do what we do means that our most important value is care. Caring about clients and how our service enables them to be better and caring about our colleagues to ensure they deliver their best work by reaching their fullest potential!

Lauren McGurk, Customer Support Executive

It’s common sense, you’re human, we’re human. Our customers’ problems are our problems. Our primary concern is to be alert and responsive to the needs, expectations, and overall experience of our customers.

Lucy Cargill, Finance Assistant

To do what we do, and to do it effectively, means we put the needs of our clients first and foremost. It’s never about us, always about them. We take them through a journey that amplifies their growth and potential, while simplifying their experience.

Alexandros Tucker, Marketing Assistant

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